Edge Hill student injured in Westminster terror attack shares story

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Travis Frain, a student at Edge Hill University who was injured in the terror attack in March 2017 shared his story. Frain, said he was intentionally run by a 4×4 but shocked since the first thing people did was to take photos. Unlike the people who turned their smartphones to him rather than attend to him, the student said if it was him, he wouldn’t personally stay there as a spectator taking videos.

The 20-year-old student at the University based in Ormskirk was one of the injured not summoned to give evidence for the investigation of the deaths killed in March 2017 by Khalid Masood. Travis Frain was interviewed by Press Association where he talked of the fateful day. He recalled that almost immediately after being hit by the car, people in the bus windows lined up with their phones taking pictures and video of him.

While Travis agreed that the natural reaction of most people these days is to get out a phone and start filming or taking pics, he did find it nice since he thinks most people would offer help instead. The student, however, agrees that some people ran to assist him. A case like this one would have had a lot of evidence considering a lot of people recorded the accident. This would be some part of the proof that personal injury solicitors Ormskirk professionals would consider.

Frain says he had broken his leg but he managed to hobble off. A footage of the student hobbling away sparked death threats and insults from online trolls. In spite of suffering fractures in his leg, arm and a rib, Mr Frain has been abused in the past half year by people online. The student’s accident is an example of a case that requires the expertise of personal injury solicitors Ormskirk experts.

The Westminster extremist attack victim received the worst threats. In the beginning, there were death threats with those threatening telling Travis that they’d hang him if they knew where he lived. Even if the history and politics student reported the death threats to the police, no one has been charged

Some of those insulting him said the attack was fake and Mr Frain and other victims were all paid actors. There were some people who however said the attack was real as it later found out. Travis Frain really had had a bad time in the past half year. There was even a person sent to the victim’s place of work to say that he faked to be in a terror attack. The accuser even claimed to have evidence and was asking Frain’s employer to fire him. His colleagues would joke about his accident.

Travis says there are still images of him on the internet even though he has made reports to Facebook and blocked abuser on Twitter.